Expect competition, do not run away from it - Manu Chandaria

"Most good ideas do not die because they do not receive enough entrepreneurial effort, they die because no one is there to hold the hands of those with the ideas", said Manu Chandaria, Chairman and CEO of Comcraft Group.

While addressing investors at the NETFUND Investors Forum held on May 19, 2016, the Mr. Chandaria urged small business owners to invest in the necessary skills, finances, markets and favorable working environments.
While appreciating the efforts of funding organisations like NETFUND, Chandaria said that SMEs and Micro-SMEs are multipliers and important to the growth of the economy and should be supported. Innovators should, however, expect competition rather than be discouraged by it. Small business owners should embrace and learn from competitors to order to produce better products and services.

The Forum was a first of its kind for NETFUND and aimed to link beneficiaries under the Green Innovation Award incubation program. Beneficiaries of the program receive infrastructure facilities, business support, innovation refinement, networking opportunities, mentorship and coaching from a team of experts, among other services.

Other key guests at the event were Gideon Gathaara, the Principal Secretary, State Department of Natural Resources, Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Regional Development Authorities, Ms. Esther Passaris, philanthropist and one of Kenya's leading women entrepreneurs and Ms. Candace Buzzard, USAID Deputy Mission Director Kenya and East Africa. Over 80 stakeholders from government, private sector, development partners and incubation centers attended the event which resulted in at least 3 follow-up meetings to discuss potential investment partnerships.



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